Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day with these Baton Rouge treats

Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day with these Baton Rouge treats

Whether you dip them in milk, crush them up to make a sweet treat or just eat them plain out of the package, it’s hard to resist snacking on the chocolatey goodness that is an Oreo cookie. This any-time-of-day dessert has made a lasting impression on young and old—so much so that March 6 is recognized as Oreo Cookie Day.

To celebrate and observe this unofficial holiday, we have gathered up some of our favorite Oreo-centered treats. Just make sure you have a tall glass of milk to go with them all.

Cookies and Cream galore at Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice, a nationwide chain specializing in ice, custard and all combinations in between, offers many cookies and cream and Mint Oreo desserts. From classic Italian ice to blendinis—a mix of Italian ice, custard and cookie toppings—you can definitely get your Oreo fix here on the big day. Just call ahead to make sure Rita’s has the flavors you are looking for.

Various Cookies and Cream treats at Tredici Bakery

Can’t decide how to get your Oreo fill? You may not have to. Tredici Bakery offers multiple Oreo-filled desserts like a cookies and cream cheesecake, cake and even macarons.

Cookies and Cream Mousse Dome at Ambrosia Bakery

This sweet treat is a made with cookies and cream mousse and topped with white chocolate cookie crumbs. Ambrosia’s Cookies and Cream Mousse Dome seems like the perfect tiny addition to your Oreo Day celebration.

Signature Oreo Cake by Batch Baking Company

Only for true Oreo connoisseurs—Batch Baking Company’s Signature Oreo Cake is the real deal. Two layers of chocolate cake meet whipped Oreo buttercream icing and whole Oreo cookies in this massive dessert. The only real question left: How quickly can you eat it all?

Photo by Camille Delaune

Oreo Blast Shake at Curbside

There is nothing quite like the combination of a cheeseburger, fries and a sweet milkshake. Luckily, the team over at Curbside gets it and offers a plethora of yummy shakes to pair with its gigantic burgers. One of our faves? The Oreo Blast Shake. Creamy, chocolatey and very delicious, our mouths are watering just talking about it.

Cookie & Cream Blend at Teatery

Creamy, rich and sweet, this cream blend at Teatery can’t be beat. Vanilla ice cream and a heaping scoop of Oreo cookies help create this awesome beverage. The dessert is even topped with a whole Oreo cookie to dip into the creamy goodness.

Photo by Camille Delaune

Cookies and Cream Pie at Elsie’s Plate and Pie

Need we say more? This heavenly looking pie has a crust made with Oreo crumbles and is filled and topped with even more creamy and cookie goodness. Elsie’s also regularly features pies with Oreo crusts, so be on the lookout and try a slice when you can!