Desk booking apps are what they sound like.

Benefits of Using a Desk Booking App - Add-On Products

An app that allows people to book a desk hands-free is called a desk booking app. In your workplace, you can use it to help employees find and reserve seats in advance or on the spot. People are empowered with information – the status and location of their desks – and a sense of agency by giving them access to the knowledge and tools needed to manage their workday. By using a desk booking app, your employees can choose the workspace that aligns nicely with their personal preferences – which in turn can boost their creativity, focus, and productivity.

A Desk booking apps solve a number of workplace management challenges in today’s challenging era. In the first place, it makes it possible for employees to work at their convenience so they can collaborate at a distance with their colleagues. Due to the fact that they’re using their phones for booking, it’s as sanitary as any touchless technology. In addition, because end users use your desk reservation tool actively, you have more data that workplace leaders can use to monitor space utilization, make adjustments as needed, and stay on top of important tasks like cleaning shared workspaces.

Discover why a desk booking app is more important than ever.

What are the benefits of a desk booking app in your workplace?

A new work environment is expected

It’s what your employees are going to expect when they return to work. According to a Gensler survey conducted in 2020, 52% of employees expected to see a greater distance between workspaces following the pandemic. In some cases, this was achieved by reworking their office design, while in others, reopening dates were pushed back or only a small number of employees were allowed on the premises at any given time.

Buildings are reopening their doors as the end of the pandemic approaches, and people are eager to socialize and engage in person once again. According to Gensler’s US Workplace Study conducted in Winter 2021, over one third of workers surveyed believe their company has not yet prepared the work environment to support a hybrid model.

Supports hybrid working models

It is expected that more companies will implement flexible workplace strategies like desk hoteling or hot desk booking so employees can choose where they sit at work when they arrive.

However, not all hybrid seating strategies are equally effective in the eyes of employees. There are some who would like to see hotdesking completely eliminated. How come? A hot desk is a less formal version of a desk booking, which allows employees to take any desk based on availability. It can be harder to find an available workspace with hot-desking systems. Further, it is nearly impossible to determine which desks have been used and when they were last cleaned. You can support desk hoteling with a desk booking app, hot desking’s more attractive cousin that’s cleaner.