MATA KAMERA Monologue Serves Snapshot of Nation’s First Professional Photographer

MATA KAMERA Monologue Serves Snapshot of Nation's First Professional PhotographerIn 2021, Titimangsa and KawanKawan Media premiered Di Tepi Sejarah (‘On the Edge of History’), a series of monologues highlighting historical figures whose achievements and tales lie just outside the house the edges of history. This yr, the sequence would make a return with Mata Kamera (‘The Eye of the Camera’), a monologue telling the story of one Kassian Cephas, the initially native Indonesian to come to be a expert photographer.

The script is published by Hasta Indriyana, although Teater Garasi’s Muhammad Nur Qomaruddin assumes the function of both equally director and guide actor. The present, Titimangsa’s 55th, was done at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on April 20-21. A recorded variation will be manufactured offered to watch on Indonesiana Tv set in August of this calendar year.

MATA KAMERA Monologue Serves Snapshot of Nation's First Professional Photographer

Kassian Cephas was born in Sleman, Yogyakarta, in 1845. He was adopted by Christina Petronella Philips, a Dutch missionary. His upbringing permitted Kassian to accessibility European training, which includes the prospect to review pictures. He was then assigned to be an abdi dalem penewu of the Keraton Mataram kingdom, a royal team photographer.

At the time, the kingdom was led by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII, a sultan with substantial wealth owing to the Dutch-crafted sugar mills in the town of Yogyakarta. That fortune authorized Kassian Cephas to access slicing edge pictures technology of the time. Kassian took shots of the sultan, the royal loved ones, royal ceremonies, and public functions. His operates are collected in publications by Isaac Groneman.

MATA KAMERA Monologue Serves Snapshot of Nation's First Professional Photographer

In 1889, Kassian Cephas was assigned by the Dutch Indies government as a expert photographer for the job of Karmawibangga, checking out the majesty of the Borobudur temple sophisticated to be released all over the world. His photographs grew to become a seminal system of do the job of Indonesian photography. Nonetheless, his identify remains broadly unheard of, regardless of remaining a photographer who assisted immortalize the nation’s cultural heritage.

Happy Salma, founder of the Titimangsa Foundation and the show’s producer, mentioned: “There are so many figures whose struggles and ordeals we will need to witness. It truly is a portrait in time for us to see humanity and invoke us to be wiser in responding to present day streams of information and facts that far too frequently dismiss truth of the matter and values. The Di Tepi Sejarah monologue sequence is an exertion to battle towards hoaxes.”

MATA KAMERA Monologue Serves Snapshot of Nation's First Professional Photographer

While Hasta Indriyana, scriptwriter, shared his perception on creating Mata Kamera:

“Kassian Chepas was both a photographer and a messenger. He captured the nation’s identification by way of the lens of a camera. The modern day engineering of his time was not a objective in alone, but basically a tool to spread the phrase of his country to the outside the house earth. Kassian Chepas was a lens, reflecting what was happening close to hm, a lens that broadcast the two magnificence and sorrow as they ended up.”

Muhammad Nur Qomaruddin, drop light on the troubles he confronted embodying the character:
“The challenge in playing a historical figure is setting up the earth they lived in then placing it on stage. In Kassian Cephans context, who lived at the cusp of the 19th century, the major obstacle was a lack of information and facts that could support shaping the function, or imagining the daily life at the time. But that challenge was also an chance for me to give my own reading and interpretation of Cephas.”

The creation staff for Mata Kamera also included Tamimi Rutjita as assistant director Yulia Elvina Bhara and Pradetya Novitri as coproducers along with Happy Salma Trisfahilda as manufacturing lead Iskandar Loedin as artistic lead Deden Jalaludin Bulqini as multimedia Moga Pasaribu as music arranger Jadug and Eggy Iskandar as lights arrangers and Boy Ari Yandhi as wardrobe supervisor.

MATA KAMERA Monologue Serves Snapshot of Nation's First Professional Photographer

After Mata Kamera, Di Tepi Sejarah will adapt the tales of other national figures, such as Gombloh, a musician and singer Emiria Soenassa, a painter and Ismail Marzuki, a composer.

Photos by Yose Riandi/Titimangsa Basis.